Before You Buy a Home in Houston, Texas...

Base your decision on a home inspector's report

If you're preparing to purchase a home, get the facts from Acepro Home Inspections. We rely on 15 years of professional experience to help our clients make informed decisions. Whether you're looking to improve your current home or purchase a new one, Acepro Home Inspections is here to help.

We offer home inspection services for lenders, investors, retail customers and homeowners. Call our office in Houston, Texas today to schedule a professional inspection.

Trust your home to an accomplished inspector

Acepro Home Inspections has the experience and professional certification you're looking for. Owner Frank Contreras:

  • Studied at the University of Houston
  • Is certified through the Champions School of Real Estate
  • Earned a doctorate degree from Texas Chiropractic College
  • Is licensed through the Texas Real Estate Commission (#22773)

He's also IAC2-certified to perform indoor air quality testing. Call 713-410-1827 now to schedule your home inspection in the Houston, TX area.

Frank at 15 helping his dad with the family business of buying and rehabbing homes

Frank and Joey

Fishing on the boarder waters of Minnesota and Canada

Hiking and camping in the Big Bend National Park