A Sturdy Home Relies on a Strong Foundation

A Sturdy Home Relies on a Strong Foundation

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Your foundation supports the weight of your entire home, if it's damaged in any way, your house could develop costly problems. A foundation inspection can ensure the integrity of your home. Acepro Home Inspections is your source for all kinds of home inspections in Houston, TX. Our team can perform a complete foundation inspection in a few hours for a fair price.

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What should you expect from your inspection?

A complete foundation has several steps, and they're all critical to understanding the status of your foundation. Most foundation inspections follow this procedure:

  • An interview to determine if there's obvious damage
  • A floor elevation survey
  • Visual observations of the inside, outside and surrounding property
  • Tests of the walls and doors
  • Forensic analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Final report
Our staff aims to be as thorough as possible with every foundation inspection. Schedule your inspection for your home in Houston, TX now.